Bears & Leopards Safari

    BALLOO AND BAGHEERA (Bears and Leopard Safari)


    GROUP SIZE: Maximum group size of 4 in a vehicle in recommended



    Satpura National Park is nestled under the Satpura Ranges in Central India and is scattered with deep gorges, beautiful hilly terrains, small rivulets, waterfalls, sandstone peaks and gorgeous dense green forests. The hilly landscape provides a great habitat for sloth bears and leopards alike. Both these animals are known to be elusive and difficult to spot in other reserves. At Satpura, due to its unique terrain, these usually shy species are more easily and frequently spotted. The varied habitat also creates magnificent backgrounds to photograph the sloth bears and the leopards. One can even spot the rare Indian Giant Squirrel, Indian Bisons and Wild Dogs in these forests.


    Every safari drive begins by crossing the serene Denwa river and reaching the opposite shore where the safari jeeps await you.

    MORNING SAFARI (normal): 6:30 am – 11 am

    MORNING SAFARI (extended): 6:30 am – 12:30 pm

    AFTERNOON SAFARI: 3:30 pm- 5 pm


    From Delhi: Arrival at Delhi airport early morning. Fly to Bhopal and travel by road to Satpura (183 kms, 4 hrs)


    DAY 1 (TRAVEL): You will be traveling from Delhi to Bhopal by flight and from Bhopal, by road to Satpura and reach by afternoon. After a quick check in and lunch, you leave for the afternoon safari. Your afternoon will begin by reaching the Denwa river and then crossing the river via motor boat. Your safari vehicles which will take you inside the forest will be there on the opposite shore. The return in the evening will also be the same way. Once you are back at the hotel, you rest and relax for the night.

    DAY 2- DAY 5: Post a cup of coffee or tea in the morning, you leave for the boat ride early morning and watch the rising sun slowly change the clours of the waters. Once you finish the morning drive, you return to your hotel and have breakfast. Rest and relax till lunch and post that, you head out for your afternoon drive. After you return, you spend the evening surrounded by the pristine views of the Denwa river.

    DAY 6 (TRAVEL): Departure from Satpura by road to Bhopal early morning. Upon reaching Bhopal airport, fly back to Delhi by the evening flight.

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