Professional Wildlife Photography Trip

The royalty of a Tiger, The tranquility of the mangroves, The discovery of new bird species
The legendary migration in Africa, …Enjoy capturing such magical moments in your lens with Nature Wanderers

If you are passionate about nature or photography or both, then Nature Wanderers can help you discover the wilderness around you anew…

  • Who we are?

    Nature Wanderers has been leading India’s wildlife and nature photography journey for many years now and has helped many passionate nature lovers discover wilderness behind their lens along the way. Photography for us is a powerful means for conserving our natural heritage and this has been our vision over the years as we along with our participants keep exploring newer wildlife destinations across the globe .

    Led by experienced and renowned nature photographers we have conducted over 100 photography workshops and photo tours since 2007. Our experience coupled with our deep knowledge of the various parks and the understanding of wildlife and birdlife in India and abroad is what sets Nature Wanderers apart from the rest. With our team of photographers and trainers we give a personalized touch when it comes to learning the art of photography, or enjoying the simplicity that nature has to offer!

  • What we do?

    We train and guide you throughout your journey as wildlife and nature photographers. And the route to becoming a keen photographer can be varied at Nature Wanderers. Right from conducting nature photography workshops , amateur photography tours and events, planning and conducting expeditions in the wild to even managing international and national adventure trips, we have done it all, and with great success.

    However, for us the moment of pride lies in the number of photographers we have nurtured from our efforts. Today, more than 1000 amateur photographers in India have an active interest in wildlife photography, due to their participation in Nature Wanderers workshops and expeditions.

  • Our beliefs

    We strongly believe that only things that move you become a lasting memory! And as such it is in our DNA to make sure each trip is more exciting and adventurous than the last one. But we are not only about thrill and excitement; we want to create something more long lasting too – a genuine care and connect with Nature.

    Whatever be the form of nature, photography is a powerful medium to conserve it. So, it is obvious then that photography and nature conversation are the two cornerstones of our organization. We weave in the expertise of our team of experienced naturalists; photographers and wildlife experts as they take you through India’s majestic wilderness and help you unravel the mysteries and secrets of the wild.

Why choose us?
Apart from the fact that we create an awesome experience for photographers, Nature Wanderers follows high standards of ethical wildlife tourism and is affiliated with TOFT ( Our advisory board includes well-known nature conservationists, photographers and wildlife experts such as Mike Pandey, Jagdeep Rajput, Ganesh Shankar, Gautam Pandey, Sumantha Ghosh - to name a few.
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