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From the glorious charm of a Royal Bengal tiger in the wild to the tranquility of the Himalayas. From the adventure of photographing a unique and rare specie to the iconic Great Migration in Africa. Witness the grandeur of the natural world through the trained eyes and photographic experiences of Nature Wanderers - India's Leading Wildlife Destination Management Company specializing and pioneering in wildlife photo tourism since 2007.

Who we are

Nature Wanderers was started in 2007 by Kahini Ghosh Mehta and Shivang Mehta. Under the leadership of our founders, we kick-started the wildlife photo tourism industry in India. This pioneering venture has helped many passionate nature lovers discover their wilderness journey, along with enhancing the creativity and craft of photography for both amateur and professional wildlife photographers globally. Through the medium of photographic safaris spanning across the country and in various pristine locations all over the world, we have conducted over 1000 photo safaris across the globe. Nature Wanderers has a team with more than 2 decades of wildlife and photography experience, which goes behind planning your wildlife programs, making every safari a bespoke journey.

What we do

From wildlife photography in India, Africa, Borneo, Sri Lanka, South America, and the Polar regions, to assistance in wildlife filming in Indian national parks - Nature Wanderers is your one-stop-shop for all your wildlife logistical requirements. We work with the best of Indian and international wildlife photographers, filming teams and help them plan their wildlife programs in terms of destinations, species, and on-ground logistics. We are also the logistical partners for leading international wildlife destination management companies for Tiger safaris, Snow leopard treks, Red panda tours, and many more specialized species based expeditions in India. Organizing photographic safaris is our core strength. With a highly trained team of photo guides, we have been successfully conducting special small-sized group photo safaris in leading locations across the globe.

Why choose us

Apart from the fact that we create unique and experiential wildlife photo safaris for our clients, Nature Wanderers is affiliated with Travel Operators For Tigers (TOFT) ( and follows high standards of eco-tourism and ethical wildlife tourism. Nature Wanderers has been nominated as the Wildlife Promotion Company of the Year twice (2014 and 2018) at the TOFT Tourism Awards. The company is also accredited by Tripadvisor and we carry their Badge of Excellence with pride. Since our inception, our co-founder, Shivang Mehta, author, and one of India's leading wildlife photographer, has been our guiding light, using his 15 years of experience in the forests to tailor-make each expedition for you.


It is often said that if you want to know the real pulse of the organization, look at its people. And when you look at the people of Nature Wanderers, you instantly realize that there is only one key ingredient that puts them strokes ahead of their competitors. What makes Nature Wanderers successful is not its years of experience, nor its excellent knowledge of different parks and wildlife, nor the uniqueness with which each photo safari is created and executed. These can be duplicated by any firm. But what is hard to imitate is the passion that each Nature Wanderers team member has! The company is a group of people from completely different walks of life who have come together with one purpose – to pursue their passion for wildlife and celebrate nature.

Shivang Mehta

Shivang Mehta

Founder & Photo Guide

(Author, Associate Fellow iLCP)

Internationally acclaimed photographer and a fellow of International League of Conservation Photographers (iLCP), Shivang Mehta has worn many hats in his 2 decades of journey as a wildlife professional. From being a wildlife guide in Corbett National Park to starting India’s pioneering venture in wildlife photo tourism to an accomplished author of award winning books which went on become best-sellers to wildlife storytelling through the medium of his photo stories and films. Shivang is also the recipient of the ToFT Tigers award for his contribution in developing alternative wildlife tourism models by working with prominent wildlife lodges of India in locations outside the protected areas through the medium of DSLR camera trapping technology. Shivang and his team now works with the Government of India for documenting Project Cheetah - the world’s largest intercontinental translocation of a large carnivore.

As a Nature Wanderers photography guide he has led more than 1000 photo safaris across global habitats training innumerable photography aspirants in his more than 2 decades of work as a wildlife field professional.

Kahini Ghosh Mehta

Kahini Ghosh Mehta

Founder & Director

The brain behind Nature Wanderers, Kahini Ghosh Mehta, was voted as one of the Femina Women of the Year in 2008 for leaving a flourishing corporate career to enter the challenging field of wildlife. In 2006 she produced a film called Wild Saga of Corbett in collaboration with Jim Corbett National Park forest department, to promote healthy tourism in Corbett and later on the film became a part of the curriculum for training of guides in Jim Corbett National Park. Kahini's acute management skills and her ability to bind the entire team together makes her the core of Nature Wanderers. Her eye for detail when it comes to logistical planning of Nature Wanderers program ideation, is something that each and every client vouches for. Over the years, Kahini has seen the evolution of this industry and hence she understands the pulse of wildlife tourism and that has earned her the trust and respect of our clients and the industry as a whole. Her efforts have resulted in Nature Wanderers being nominated as the Wildlife Promotion Company of the Year at the TOFT Tourism Awards twice in 2014 and 2017.

Allen Jacob

Allen Jacob

Photographer, Cameraman & Project Manager

Allen was a part of a couple of editions of Wild Clicks where he performed well as a contestant and from there he joined Nature Wanderers. From a field assistant, Allen has grown to handle projects independently and has played a critical role in documentation of Project Cheetah in Kuno National Park. He also executes camera trapping projects with Nature Wanderers clients. His creativity behind the camera makes him a critical part of our team as he handles the digital content development of Nature Wanderers. He also doubles up as a proactive field photo guide and has led multiple Nature Wanderers field photo safaris and expeditions including snow leopards, red pandas and tiger safaris.


Photographic Safaris

Nature Wanderers creates experiential photo tours and photo safaris that will not only help in boosting your wildlife photographic portfolio but will also help you to take steps to the next level in wildlife photography by enhancing learnings at every step. We also arrange customized and privately guided photo safaris, which will be created as per your travel dates, giving preferences to your destinations. You can travel in a group or as an individual, depending on your choice. Having our experienced photo guide in your field projects will give you the added advantage of creating a diverse set of images. A customized photo tour can be arranged without the photo guide as well.

Filming Crew Support

Shooting video footage in the wild is a game of excellent planning and patience. Our guides have the experience of working with the best of filming teams and having a technically sound field guide who knows the limitations of shooting in the wild, our objective is to support you in documenting high-quality footage of natural history moments. Our drivers and guides understand the importance of preempting animal movements to position your vehicle in strategic locations. While you focus on your filming project you can leave the logistics in terms of permissions and other ground handling on us.

Species - Specific Projects

Nature Wanderers loves challenging specie based projects. Be it the elusive cats of rain forests or the rare species of the upper Himalayas, our ground handling support has enabled us to solve complex specie puzzles in the past and we are keen for more such riddles.

Line Production

For longer projects, both in photography and videography, we also handle the entire line production work for our clients. We will create an optimal shoot schedule depending on your time and requirements and take care of all necessary travel and stay arrangements, permits, vehicular requirements, and equipment rental if needed.