An adventure in Borneo would have to include the rainforests, white-sand beaches, rocky peaks and the unique tribal communities who call it home. The incredible biodiversity of this ancient jungle makes its a prime destination for wildlife expeditions in Borneo. In fact, it's the second most biodiverse spot on the planet after the Amazon Rainforest. Talk about some diversity! Scientists discover new species regularly in the untracked dense jungle. From rare orchids, to the lovable orang utan, nothing quite beats a Borneo adventure tour for its wealth of natural beauty !

Nature Wanderers Borneo photography expedition is focused on some rare and elusive nocturnal species in addition to the typical species like orang-utans and the proboscis monkeys. The exclusively planned night game drives would give you a chance to witness some of the rarest civets, binturong, sun bears, leopard cats, marble cat and if luck favours you the most prized catch - the clouded leopard !

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