The 3rd edition of Canon Wild Clicks - India's Only Live Photography Contest was held in Kanha National Park. With nearly 40 contestants of various age groups from over 13 cities, the participants competed against each other for 3 days in the wild heaven on Kanha in Madhya Pradesh. At the start of the event, the contestants were given 5 themes - Mammals, Avionic Wonders, Landscapes, Macros, Abstracts. The contestants battled the acute winter, unseasonal rains and morning fogs to create some superb wildlife images across all categories. Wildlife photographers and members of Nature Wanderers Expert Panel - Shivang Mehta & Tejas Soni - helped the participants in selection of the images for submissions. The final judgement was done by an esteemed panel of judges : Ganesh H. Shankar & Mike Pandey.
    The contest results were:
    Overall Winner : K.R. Deepak - Won a Canon 7D and gift vouchers from Camps of India, Manfrotto, SanDisk

    Abstracts Winner : Divyanshi Jain - Won gift vouchers from Camps of India, Camp Kohka Pench, Manfrotto, SanDisk

    Avionic Wonders : Shantanu Prasad - Won gift vouchers from Camps of India, Camp Kohka Pench, Manfrotto, SanDisk

    Macros : K.R. Deepak - Won gift vouchers from Camps of India, The Ranthambhore Bagh, Manfrotto, SanDisk

    Landscapes : Jitinder Chadha - Won gift vouchers from Camps of India, The Ranthambhore Bagh, Manfrotto, SanDisk

    Mammals : Saurav Mahanta - Won gift vouchers from Camps of India, The Ranthambhore Bagh, Manfrotto, SanDisk
    A concept planned and developed by Nature Wanderers, Canon Wild Clicks is one of the most exciting and thrilling competition to be a part of. The event brings all amateur photographers on a common platform where they shoot under the same shooting conditions. This is a test of a photographer's shooting skills and his sensitivity towards moments. The past 2 editions of Canon Wild Clicks were held at Corbett (2010) and Ranthambhore (2011). Season 3 of Canon Wild Clicks was held at Kanha National Park in January 2012. 

    Over the years, Canon Wild Clicks has grown as a competition thanks to our participants who come up with amazing photographs during the 3 days of the event.

    The underlining aspect of CWC is that it's all about witnessing and capturing those fine, intrinsic wildlife moments... it's not about the equipment you use but your ability to think out of the box when you are put under a defined time frame and shooting scenarios.

    Canon Wild Clicks is the opportunity for an amateur to showcase his skills and get instant gratification from wildlife experts.
    Canon Wild Clicks - Season 3 - Behind The Scenes Images
    K R Deepak
    K R Deepak (landscape)
    K R Deepak (Macros)
    Divyanshi Jain
    Shantanu Prasad
    Jitinder Chadha
    Saurav Mahanta (Landscapes)
    Saurav Mahanta (Mamals)
    Saurav Mahanta
    Vivek Singh
    Gaurav Chopra
    Harsh Nagpal
    Ketan Joshi
    Manish Sahai
    Mohit Verma
    Sreekanth viswanathan(Landscapes)
    Sreekanth viswanathan
    Sumit Jain
    Sunny Yadav
    Suresh Gorantla
    Uday Krishna Peddireddi
    Vikas Aggarwal
    Vikas Aggarwal
    Vikas Aggarwal
    Mike Pandey
    India’s ace wildlife film-maker, the winner of 3 Green Oscars and one of the strongest custodians of Indian wildlife, Mike Pandey has been associated with Canon Wild Clicks for the past 2 seasons. In addition to being a part of the honorable jury, Mike has also played an instrumental role in helping Canon and Nature Wanderers is giving fresh format flavors to this contest. Mike’s presence at the venue of the contest and his amazing wildlife experiences is a big boost for the participants! Visit www.mikepandey.org to know more about Mike and his innumerable feats.
    Lean more about Mike Pandey
    Ganesh H. Shankar
    Ganesh H. Shankar is a poet at heart and he writes visual poems using the medium of photography. His approach to nature photography is two fold - an artistic expression of nature mostly using monotones or creative expressions of nature wherein he tries to make unique perspectives of nature.

    He started photography with an inexpensive point-and-shoot camera in 1993. Ganesh loves the unexplainable art of colors, colorless, forms, shapes, light... and the challenge of characterizing interactions of those attributes which touches minds of those who love the art of light.

    You may visit his site www.naturelyrics.com to see some of his creative and artistic collections.
    Gallery of Pictures by Ganesh H. Shankar
  • CWC - SEASON 4
    Do you think you have it in you to be a Wild Clicks participant in 2013... If yes, send us a mail with your sample of work at [email protected] and we would touch base with you as soon as the registrations are open for Kaziranga 2013.
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