Wildlife Tiger & Bird Photography Tours in Sunderbans National Park

    The largest mangrove delta of the world, Sunderbans National Park is one of the most mysterious forests of India. Tiger sightings are rare in this particular park because of its mushy terrain even though it is known to be the home to the iconic Royal Bengal Tiger. However, if bird photography is your calling, then nothing can beat Sunderbans. Known as a great place for birding especially various varieties of kingfishers (brown winged Kingfisher, black capped kingfisher, white throated kingfisher, collared kingfisher) this park provides a great opportunity to hone your skills as a bird photographer, as well as refine your landscape shots.

    Best Time to visit Sunderbans

    For Tiger and Bird Photography - September to March is the good time to visit Sundarbans.
    Winters being the most pleasant time-period for this destination. Due to quite hot weather and send the temperature shooting up, Summers is an ideal time to visit the wildlife sanctuary.

    Equipment Needed

    Long lenses (400mm+) for bird photography. Adequate rain covers are also a must because of frequent probability of rains.

    • Puma Expedition
      Puma Expedition
      June 22nd - 28th, 2019
    • Migration Uncut - Batch 1
      Migration Uncut - Batch 1
      Aug 25 to Aug 31 2019
    • Migration Uncut - Batch 2
      Migration Uncut - Batch 2
      Sep 01 to Sep 07 2019
    • Migration Uncut - Batch 3
      Migration Uncut - Batch 3
      Sep 08 to Sep 14 2019
    • Macros in the Desert
      Macros in the Desert
      Sept 12th - Sept 15th 2019
    • Migration Uncut - Batch 4
      Migration Uncut - Batch 4
      Sep 15 to Sep 21 2019
    • Ranthambhore Opener - Batch 1
      Ranthambhore Opener - Batch 1
      Sep 30 - Oct 03, 2019
    • Ranthambhore Opener - Batch 2
      Ranthambhore Opener - Batch 2
      Oct 03 - Oct 06, 2019
    • Borneo - In Search of Rarity
      Borneo - In Search of Rarity
      Nov 10 - Nov 21, 2019