Corbett National Park - Famous for Wildlife Photography and Safari Tours

    Whether you are just starting off on your photography journey or are a veteran, Corbett National Park is perhaps one of the best places to enhance and showcase your wildlife photography skills. No wonder then that it is also a top pick for our photography workshops in India. The lure for the high traction to the park maybe tiger spotting, however it is also one of the best places in Asia to photograph wild Asiatic Elephants in their natural habitat.

    The reason Corbett National Park and Royal Bengal Tigers have become synonymous, despite the rare spotting of the striped cat, is because of the magnificence of seeing the tiger in the picturesque terrains of the Himalayas. Apart from these wild animals, Corbett National Park is also an ideal location for bird photography because of the variety of exotic Himalayan birds that are found there.

    Photography Tour Opportunities in Corbett: Key Snapshots

    • Asiatic elephants in grasslands of Dhikala
    • Royal Bengal Tigers in saal forests and crossing the Ramganga river of Corbett
    • Exotic Himalayan birds
    • Landscape photography

    Best Time to visit Corbett National Park:

    • For shooting Asiatic Elephants - March to June
    • For shooting birds - November to February
    • For Landscape photography – October to December

    Equipment needed:

    Long lenses are good for Corbett photography and 400mm + is ideal for birds and mammals photography.

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