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Explorer Jacket

NW Explorer Photographers Jacket is a dedicated to photographers who travel with their gear as part of their bodies. Featuring 15+ pockets including zippers and covers with net in the front and back for cross ventilation, the jacket can be stuffed with wide angle lenses, memory cards, extra batteries and a host of other tit bits ensuring that you are fully equipped all the time.

Price: Rs.2200 + shipping charges.

Bean Bag

Tired of using cumbersome monopods and tripods during game drives? Explore the flexibility of the NW Bean bag which can be carried and fixed anywhere as a support while using your long telephoto lenses. This Bean Bag is made of Non-Skid Material which is flexible & convenient to carry. The zipper is fitted with velcro tape to ensure there is no spillage while using the stuffed bag on the field. Fill it up with rice, thermocol balls or beans and be stable during safaris and game drives.

Price: Rs.850 + shipping charges.

Lens Cover

Color: Black
Tired of using towels and pillow covers for protecting your lens. The water-resistant camera cover is meant to protect your lens mounted camera from dust and minor rains during a game drive or field photography session. The cover is available in 2 sizes:
Large size for Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus lenses (300mm f2.8 & above lenses)
Small size for all brands (suitable for Canon / Nikon 300mm f4, Canon 100-400mm, Nikon 80-400mm and Canon / Nikon 70-200mm f2.8)

Price: Rs.850 + shipping charges for big size.
Price: Rs.650 + shipping charges for small size.


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