Tour Cost  USD 2700 per person  (Inclusive of all Taxes)

  • Nairobi - Samburu - Nairobi road transit
  • Single sharing room per guest for 6 nights in Samburu Ashnil Lodge.
  • All meals, snacks, tea/coffee and mineral water included.
  • Small group of 3 photographers with a customised land cruiser with all photographers getting ample space to photograph.
  • Park fee
  • Photography guidance by Shivang Mehta - Canon Photo Mentor
  • Any personal expenses
  • Any hotel in Nairobi
  • VISA and Flight fares
  • Tips & Gratuity. 
  • Other than first aid, any medical emergency has to be borne by the guest.
  • Emergency travel due to any issue.
  • Alcohol or related items.

Canon Photo Mentor, Author - A Decade with Tigers & Chasing Horizons

Located in the southeast of the Rift Valley in Kenya and bordered by the Ewaso Nyiro river which separates it from Buffalo Springs, Samburu National Park is one of Kenya's top wildlife locations with some northern specialist species like the Reticulated Giraffes, Grevy's Zebra, Somali Ostrich, Gerenuk and the Besia Oryx. The big cats like leopards and lions roam around in this spectacular landscape studded with the dome palm trees which is a characteristic feature of this forest and makes it one of the best locations for wildlife photography in Kenya. The park is also known for the wild dog sightings along with lesser cats like servals and caracals.

This April break the monotony of standard Kenyan photo safaris to join award winning photographer and author - Shivang Mehta - for a unique wildlife photography experience in Samburu National Park and learn from his wealth of Kenyan experience spanning across a decade. As usual our photo safari would be a small group of 3 photographers only enabling you to have personalised time and sessions with Shivang Mehta in his custom designed land cruiser best suited for wildlife photography.

  • 6 nights 7 days accomodation including with all meals
  • Small group of 3 photographers
  • Shivang Mehta as the photo guide
  • Single sharing accommodation for all photographers

A team of highly committed professionals who live their lives out there on the field, the NW team has the hands on knowledge from a wildlife and photography perspective to make the most of your wildlife trip. As an amateur photographer, you come back with a better understanding on camera handling and on-field shooting tips as our team constantly keeps an eye on your shooting techniques and gives you the necessary onfield guidance to mature to the next level. Even if you have been shooting in the field regularly, the group interactions around photography and wildlife are an enriching experience.

I do not posses the adequate equipments to shoot wildlife. Can I still be a part of an NW photo tour

Equipment can't restrict you from participating in our photo tour. You can touch base with the NW team for possible equipment rental options and we would try to equip you adequately based on the nature of the program you are enrolling for.

What is the onfield value add I get from NW?

NW programs are backed by strong field analysis and locations surveys. Our team spends maximum time in the wilderness and is up-to-date with sighting reports because which we are able to plan out the photo tour effectively. In addition to this, you can bug our experienced photography escorts and trainers with your photography queries - be it field tips, basic or advanced photography queries, post processing of images etc.

What all is included in the package?

In case of established national parks, NW ensures the best of facilities in the form of comfortable rooms and the best in class safari experience. However whenever infrastructure is an issue, we try to give the best of what is available. Photography is our key focus and we do not compromise on that part. Our endeavor has always been to give our participants the maximum productive field time.

What is the cancellation policy in case I want to back out from a trip?

Cancellation for an event will be considered via a written mail to [email protected]. The date of the mail would be considered for calculation of the cancellation fee.


April 16 : Nairobi - Samburu transfer (07 hours drive)

The drive will take you through the great Rift valley with breathtaking terrains and early in the morning would be perfect to take a few photos on your way there.Arrival Samburu for lunch and evening game drives in Samburu. Overnight in Samburu

April 17 - April 21 : Morning and Evening Game drives in Samburu

We start early in the morning to catch animals in the early morning Golden light. We carry packed breakfast with us, so we don’t have to return to the camp. Our tour leader and Photo mentor Shivang Mehta who has been to Samburu many times is highly acquainted with the surroundings and has a ton of experience photographing in Samburu. He along with our highly trained and experienced guides and drivers will scrutinize the reported sightings and decide whether to stay at one place patiently or wander around and search for new opportunities.Samburu is home to large elephant populations and is also famous for the "Special Five," five species of animals unique to the Samburu region: The gerenuk, Grevy's zebra, oryx, Samali ostrich, and the reticulated giraffe.During these Five days our goal will be to capture these special Five of Samburu and provide you with best photographic opportunities.

April 22 : Check out and departure to Nairobi for your return flight

After the morning Safari we say Goodbye to the magical land of Samburu and leave for Nairobi for our home-bound flight.

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