Tour Cost  INR 1,10,000/- (Inclusive of all Taxes)

  • All stay midway to and fro included except last evening in Chandigarh or Shimla on the way back.
  • All meals, snacks, tea/coffee and mineral water included.
  • Breakfast at homestay, lunch at site and dinner at homestay in Kibber. Subject to change depending on the sighting. Hot tea provided at the site twice a day. Snacks on the way back from the day’s trip. Individual preferences to be notified in advance before the commencement of the trip.
  • 2 guests to a room at midway hotel in Rampur, Tabo Homestay and Kibber Homestay.
  • Dry toilet generally as the water freezes. Subject to change if weather permits and one can use the regular toilet.
  • Daily hot water for bathing and freshening up. Bathroom is fully functional for freshening up or bath.
  • 4 scanners for the entire week
  • One helper per person to carry the backpack/camera
  • equipment.
  • Walking pole and stool provided for trek and resting at the site.
  • Tent pitched for resting at sighting site.
  • Insulated mats for lying down in snow.
  • Portable oxygen cylinder for any shortness of breath or symptoms.
  • Oxygen saturation measurement device for any symptoms of shortness of breath
  • Drop by Maruti Suzuki Gypsy to the Snow Leopard sighting or as close as the track allows.
  • Three extra scanner guides for maximum chances of quick and confirmed sighting.
  • Arrangement of dropping the guest to lower altitude if suffering from mountain sickness or shortness of breath.
  • Any detour up to 30 kilometers for new or different sites for Snow Leopard sighting.
  • Any extra help needed or extra trips by the helpers to get equipment or other essential items from the home stay to the sighting site. 
  • Travel to Chandigarh
  • Camera fee paid directly on actuals
  • Yak can be procured on the spot and payments can be made on actuals
  • Tips & Gratuity. 
  • Other than first aid, any medical emergency has to be borne by the guest.
  • Emergency travel due to any issue.
  • Alcohol or related items.
Cancellation Policy

There may be an instance when midway, there may be cancellation of the trip due to landslide, heavy snowfall or events out of control of normal road trip, the cancellation will be 100% and no refund will be issued.

If there is someone with bad health and needs to return to lower ground, there is no refund of the deposit. The cost of the transportation will be borne by the tour organizer till the closest hospital and further expense will be borne by the individual or group themselves. If the person needs to head back to the closest town or city for return to the home town of that individual, then the expenses will be borne by the individual or the group. Nature Wanderers will not be responsible for such events.

If there is a landslide or heavy rainfall, the organizers will not be responsible if there is a cancellation of the tour. If there are enough remaining days and the accommodation is still available in Kibber, we will try to arrange the extension but if there is no availability of the home stay, we will not be able to refund any of the deposit. That will be 100% cancellation. Natural disasters or unforeseen climate change are common issues faced when travelling to Spiti Valley especially Kibber.

Tour Leader & Photo Mentor - Shivang Mehta

Canon Photo Mentor, Author - A Decade with tigers & Chasing the Horizons

Nestled in the high-altitude belts of north east Himachal Pradesh (north India), the Spiti valley is a cold desert mountain valley and is home to some of the most exotic high-altitude wildlife of India. The presence of prey in the form of ibex and blue sheep and the snow capped mountains and rocky terrains makes Spiti home to one of India's most iconic cats - the snow leopard. In the cold winter months of December to March, these elusive cats descend to lower altitudes in search of prey and this makes Spiti a snow leopard hotspot for photographers and wildlife lovers.

In addition to the snow leopard, the area is teaming with wildlife like the red fox, Tibetan wolves, lammergeier, golden eagle, Himalayan snow cocks, chukars and some breathtaking landscapes which are ideal of photography in day and night.

Experienced Tracking Team & Comfortable Stay

The Nature Wanderers snow leopard expedition for 2019 aims to maximize your chances of snow leopards as our team of 4 scanners would be working day in and day out to help you see and photograph the grey ghost of the Himalayas. Living comfort becomes imperative in such harsh environments and our home stays would be fully furnished with all amenities to ensure you have a comfortable stay.

The expedition would be led by India’s leading photography guide and wildlife photographer - Shivang Mehta.

Snow Leopard Expedition - Key Snapshots
  • 9 nights 10 days all inclusive Chandigarh to Chandigarh
  • Multiple scanners and trackers on the field for maximising sighting probabilities
  • Comfortable home stays with heating facilities, electric blankets and double sharing accommodation
  • 24x7 vehicle support so that you can reach sighting locations on time

Unable to walk? Yak support for getting you closer to sighting locations

Personal porters and all trekking gears would be provided


A team of highly committed professionals who live their lives out there on the field, the NW team has the hands on knowledge from a wildlife and photography perspective to make the most of your wildlife trip. As an amateur photographer, you come back with a better understanding on camera handling and on-field shooting tips as our team constantly keeps an eye on your shooting techniques and gives you the necessary onfield guidance to mature to the next level. Even if you have been shooting in the field regularly, the group interactions around photography and wildlife are an enriching experience.

I do not posses the adequate equipments to shoot wildlife. Can I still be a part of an NW photo tour

Equipment can't restrict you from participating in our photo tour. You can touch base with the NW team for possible equipment rental options and we would try to equip you adequately based on the nature of the program you are enrolling for.

What is the onfield value add I get from NW?

NW programs are backed by strong field analysis and locations surveys. Our team spends maximum time in the wilderness and is up-to-date with sighting reports because which we are able to plan out the photo tour effectively. In addition to this, you can bug our experienced photography escorts and trainers with your photography queries - be it field tips, basic or advanced photography queries, post processing of images etc.

What all is included in the package?

In case of established national parks, NW ensures the best of facilities in the form of comfortable rooms and the best in class safari experience. However whenever infrastructure is an issue, we try to give the best of what is available. Photography is our key focus and we do not compromise on that part. Our endeavor has always been to give our participants the maximum productive field time.

What is the cancellation policy in case I want to back out from a trip?

Cancellation for an event will be considered via a written mail to [email protected]. The date of the mail would be considered for calculation of the cancellation fee.


Day 1

Chandigarh. Drive to Rampur (250 Kms - 7 Hrs). Overnight in a luxury hotel in Rampur.

Day 2

Early morning drive from Rampur to Tabo (12 Hrs). Stay in a luxury home stay in Tabo. This will be your acclimatisation phase of the expedition.

Day 3

Post breakfast, visit to the Tabo monastery which was established in 996AD and is studded with some extraordinary paintings and art work from that era. Drive to the Kibber village in the Spiti valley (optional visit to the Key monastery Enroute Kibber). The homestay in Kibber will be the base camp for the next 7 nights at an altitude of 14,500 feet.

Day 4-8

Our trained team of scanners and trackers armed with their wireless sets would be scanning various areas on a daily basis of snow leopards. While the team is at work you will be working with the Nature Wanderers team photographing at various locations and scouting for species like the Ibex, Red Fox, Blue Sheeps and landscapes. As and when we receive any news of the snow leopard sightings we would be making use of our 4x4 vehicle along with yaks to ensure that you reach the designated sighting locations well on time. The treks have been made extremely comfortable for you as you would be provided with all camping gears like walking poles, camping chairs and tents in case you wish to rest.

Day 9

Early morning departure from Kibber to Rampur. Arrival at Rampur by evening 9:00 PM and stay in a luxury hotel in Rampur.

Day 10

Early morning departure from Rampur post breakfast to Chandigarh. Arrival at Chandigarh by evening. Drop to Chandigarh airport, station or hotel as requested


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    May 10 - May 13, 2020
  • Tiger Marathon - Batch 3 (Bandhavgarh)
    Tiger Marathon - Batch 3 (Bandhavgarh)
    May 14 - May 17, 2020
  • Tiger Marathon - Batch 4 (Bandhavgarh)
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    May 17 - May 20, 2020
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