My wife and I have just returned home after spending time at Bandhavgarh, Kanha and Pench. The Nature Wanderers Team gave excellent advice and made all our bookings. This all worked wonderfully well and Shivang himself even came to see us on our last night in Pench. It was a wonderful trip allowing us to see 9 tigers and enough wildlife to keep me busy for the next 6 months. So a big thank you to Nature Wanderers for doing all the practical legwork.

Peter Burkill, Wildlife Photographer
United Kingdom

We had an amazing trip to the Masai Mara mentored by Shivang Mehta. The sightings we had were insane and easily the best sightings we have had in our many trips to Kenya. Whilst India is his home territory he knows the Mara well and plans the day brilliantly. He also offers valuable insight to his creative vision and coaching on how to improve your photography techniques to move beyond the obvious. Go check out his new book to see the kinds of images he can help you to aspire to capture for yourself.

Gary Wales, Wildlife Photographer

High altitude expeditions is not everyone's cup of tea. Backed up with highly experienced photographers, ground staff and scouts, Nature Wanderers ensured that we had the best experience both in terms of wildlife and hospitality. The snow leopard expedition is well worth the pain and an adventure to remember.

Ram Doraiswamy

Thanks to Nature Wanderers & Kahini for planning our wonderful 15 day wildlife photo safari to India. Shatabdi was wonderful photography guide, a big shout to her as well. Her pictures were fascinating and her advice still rings in my head. She is a gem all around.

Venky, Photographer

My third trip with Nature Wanderers and this time in search of yet another elusive cat and yet again we didn't come back disappointed. 10 days in Borneo and we had some amazing photographic opportunities including the clouded leopard, leopard cat, sun bear, pangolin and some rare nocturnal civets. s a female traveling alone, Nature Wanderers makes it possible for me to photograph in distant and exciting regions of the world that might be intimidating if I did not have their comraderie & guidance. I will definitely be back for more trips and currently coveting both Melanistic Leopard and Snow Leopard in my portfolio.

Michelle Lilles, Wildlife Photographer

Booking a private photo safari with Nature Wanderers and Shivang Mehta in Ranthambore National Park was money and time very well spent. Shivang's decades of experience with tigers really showed as he and his team knew exactly how to locate these beautiful big cats in such a vast and wonderful National Park. Shivang is extremely knowledgeable about Ranthambore and puts you in the perfect location for capturing not just a picture, but artistically sound images.

Bill Marson, Wildlife Photographer

Nature Wanderers has become our only choice in adventure and photography travel, ever since our first trip with them several years ago. We always come back satisfied and with amazing photographs. Unlike other companies, they prioritise your photography and their focus is how to get you the best images and decisions are made accordingly.

Rueben Chauhan, Photographer