Jhalana panther safari is a unique wildlife experience dedicated to see and photograph one of the most elusive cats in the world right in the heart of Jaipur city. The 23sq km dry and deciduous forest opened for tourists in 2017 is one of the First Project Leopard sites and has become the India's best destination for seeing and photographing these magnificent felines in the wild. The only constant with the reserve, which is open round the year, is the consistency of leopard sightings. Apart from leopards, the forest is also a great habitat for the striped hyena which is an added attraction.

The leopard population is well evolved to an urban forest covered from the historic Jaipur city on all sides. The evolutionary traits like social behavior can be well documented on camera where it is not uncommon to see females living in small groups with their current siblings and old litters. The jungle has its own charm in all the seasons be it the harsh summers, the monsoon rains or the chilly winters.

The leopards here have adapted well to avoid confrontation with their own kind and also keep a line of distance from humans too therefore they are now termed as the Urban Leopards which are smarter and suaver.

Book a leopard safari with Nature Wanderers to get a glimpse of the life on the urban leopard and its forest.

Key Snapshots

Leopard Photography

Best Time To Visit

Park is open around the year with very good Leopard sightings

Equipment Needed

Focal ranges till 300 mm are ideal. The 100 – 400 mm Canon, Sony or Nikon variant is great as you get the required flexibility to shoot mammals. 70 – 200 mm is a great lens for shooting leopards in their natural habitat.

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