Tiger Photography in Ranthambore



If your focus in on one of India’s iconic species, the Royal Bengal tiger, then you must explore this majestic national park. Ranthambore national park adds a certain mystical aura to tiger photography, with its rocky terrain and backdrops of historical monuments and ruins. Besides getting a chance to photograph tigers, one can also take advantage of the variety of birds and other wildlife found in the park. And here’s a little insider tip for you- while the summer months (March to June) may be great for tiger sightings, the real treasure for any photographer is the winter light of Ranthambore when the soft morning light makes your tiger images stand out from the crowd. The winter months (November - March) are a good period for bird migration as well and you may be lucky to see some migrant birds like the bar-headed geese, Eurasian roller, ruddy shelducks, etc. Know more about Ranthambore and the rich history of its tigers in Shivang Mehta's book - A Decade With Tigers

Photographic Opportunities In Ranthambore: Key Snapshots

  • Royal Bengal tigers against ruined monuments and the Ranthambore Fort
  • A good habitat to shoot leopards against the dry deciduous rocky forest of Ranthambore
  • The park is divided into 10 major zones. One can do regular safaris which are zone restricted. Premium safaris can also be organized which gives you a zone free access.
  • Bird photography during winters

Best Time To Visit

  • For tiger photography - March to June
  • For landscape and bird photography: Winter months (November to March)

Equipment Needed

Focal ranges till 300 mm are ideal. The 100 - 400 mm Canon, Sony or Nikon variant is great as you get the required flexibility to shoot mammals. 70 - 200 mm is a great lens for shooting tigers in their natural habitat.

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