Tall Sal forest canopies, massive meadows, and divine light makes Kanha national park one of the unique tiger habitats of wild India. In addition to tigers and leopards, Kanha is rich in biodiversity, including wild dogs or dhols, Indian gaurs, barasingha or swamp deer, and numerous bird species. One of central India's major tiger strongholds, wildlife photography in Kanha is a sheer delight because of the stunning backdrops provided by its lush green meadows and Sal forests.

Best Time To Visit

  • For tiger photography - March to June is a good time
  • The park is divided into various zones like Kanha, Sarahi, Mukki, and one can opt for regular zone restricted safaris or premium zone free full-day safaris.
  • Winters are good for barasingha.

Equipment Needed

Focal ranges till 300 mm are ideal. The 100 - 400 mm Canon, Sony or Nikon variant is great as you get the required flexibility to shoot mammals. 70-200 mm is a great lens for shooting tigers in their natural habitat.

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